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Let`s serve together

We are open for partnership to serve together. You can contact us by using these contact details.
You can also participate financially by using one of these means.

Money transfer through PrivatBank In Hrivnas:

1. Money transfer to this card number: 6762462619375444

2. Replenishment of cash in PrivatBank departments:
Please specify the account number to the bank teller for the replenishment: 6762462619375444

3. Replenishment of cash in other Ukrainian banks (it is vital to specify the destination of the payment, otherwise the funds will not be received):

Отримувач платежу: Биланчук В. Ю.
КОД ОКПО отримувача: 14360570
Установа банку: ПриватБанк
MФО банку: 305299
КОД ОКПО банку: 14360570
Рах. отримувача: 29244825509100
Призначення: для поповнення карти 6762462619375444,
Биланчук Виталий Юрьевич, 3119408273

*Who is Bilanchuk V.Y.? — It is a volunteer of the mercy ministry in Almaz church and a trusted man of the church, who coordinates the delivery of voluntary contributions from sponsors to those to whom and for what finances were donated, he makes sure that the money is received and used exactly as intended.

Transfer through PayPal:

Please click the following link: Donate.
You will need to specify the purpose or who donates (Purpose). Please specify the destination: Ministry to orphans Almaz church

Transfer by a Check

If you decide to send a check you can use this address:

Address: Friends of Ukraine
Attn: Dan Yeomans

977 Ada Place Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone: 616-954-2000

Details of payment: Ministry to orphans Almaz church, Ukraine