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Summer 2012

Side by side with the team of our brothers and sisters in Christ we have built a cycle race track for the kids in Vorzel. Since then the kids have a place to ride a bicycle and have fun. The work on this cycle race track has been implemented for more than 7 days. About 5 constructors and 10 volunteers from Almaz church worked on this construction site. This was an uneasy and capacious job, but with God’s help we have overcome all difficulties.
Together with our friends from the U.S., as well as our volunteers from Almaz church we have reconstructed the porch (so called a “pram storage room”) to store the tools, wheelchairs with additional exit to the courtyard. We had to completely remove the old slate floors and walls to strengthen the construction of the building and give it a “new life”.
The girls of our team unanimously started the reconstruction of the old and very shabby painting “Waiting for my mother.” The girls followed one another until the work was accomplished and the facade with this painting was successfully completed.
Two years ago we built the playground in the orphanage of Vorzel, where children can freely play. This year we decided to improve it, so we cut various wooden animal figures and colored them. Also our guys conducted repair and paint works at the playground.
At the same time, another team of our friends from America, David Dalton and Cynthia Normandy with the team of physicians also ar-rived to Ukraine, and we conjointly visited Snyatynsky kids` orpha-nage. After a long break we were so excited to go there, and many of us were there for the first time. But to the delight of all of us, they met us with cheerfulness, arranged an excursion around the orpha-nage and gave us an opportunity to get acquainted with the children. The management of the orphanage shared with us the needs of the orphanage. Afterwards we went to Ternopil.
n Ternopil with David Dalton`s team we spent several days teaching the staff and parents in kids` hospital of Ternopil. David and his team shared their experience with our specialists, and the management of the hospital shared about their success and difficulties in taking care of kids with special needs in Ukraine. David`s team conducted a two-days training in the “Baby&Co” kids`center, where they provided individual consultations to everyone interested in it.
After Ternopil we went to the orphanage for the kids with special needs in Znamenka. We were warmly greeted by the orphanage director Tatiana Valko and the entire teaching staff and of course the children. The boys prepared songs and poems, and even dancing for us. In our turn, David Dalton and his assistant Cynthia Normandy and their team have trained staff and gave advice on how to take care of children with special needs in a most qualitative and effective way.
The last orphanage we visited that hot summer 2012 was the orpha-nage for boys in Romanov. The boys from 6 years old with different physical and psychic abnormalities live there. We spent a great time playing and having fellowship with the kids.
After visiting the orphanages of Ukraine the team of ministers from Almaz Church and American friends&doctors conducted a two-day conference on how to take care of children with special needs in the early and late-stages of their disease. Over 250 people from different parts of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus attended this seminar. Teachers and Almaz Church have done a great work in preparation for the conference, which is recorded in audio CD format.Many thanks to everyone who has been faithful in praying, sacrificed the time, finances and other resources to prepare and conduct these events.
At this stage the mercy ministry of Almaz church is preparing for the Christmas programs in the orphanages in Znamenka and Romanov. We need your prayers and financial assistance for the imple-mentation of these projects.
If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the mercy ministry or would like to join our team, please contact us.